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Larry Harb:

Contract Auctioneers, okay. Big questions I get a lot—thanks, Don, for asking it again. If you are a contract auctioneer, do not assume that the person you work for has you covered ‘cause the truth of the matter is, is the majority of insurance policies exclude contract labor. That’s how they’re built. They’re built to exclude contract labor, so if you have a general liability policy, it excludes contract labor. It also— ‘cause that’s your 1099 person, see? It’s covers employees and it’ll cover volunteers—excludes contract labor because they should have coverage on their own. Now, when we write a policy, I normally— ‘cause I know how auctioneers work. Here’s why working with a pro makes sense, I will endorse in your contract labor to make sure that we have them covered under your policy. So, if you work for somebody who’s insured by us, you probably have coverage. If they’re not, you don’t. But I would ask them. That’s the important thing, is I would ask the question, do you have me covered? ‘Cause otherwise, you’re under the bus.