Every Auctioneer has Risks & Exposures starting on the day they decide to open their business. Some of these risks are very real and occur frequently. Others exposures may seem unreal… “that won’t happen to me”. You might be correct, that those exposures don’t occur often, but if or when they do, the severity of this event might just be enough to put you into financial bankruptcy.

The actual question is… “How much can your business afford to lose of its bottom line?” Remember this could be a law suit that drags on for years, with huge legal expenses and if you lose the suit or are found guilty, you might incur damages or settlement expenses.

As an Auctioneer, you have to make a business decision as to which risks you self-insure and which risks you transfer using insurance or other risk management techniques. Insurance is not the only answer, but it is definitely one tool to consider using to transfer your unwanted financial risks and exposures.

As Larry always says, “just because you don’t buy insurance doesn’t mean that the risk and exposures go away, it means that you are self-insured.”

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