Flexible Auctioneer Errors & Omissions



The Flexible Auctioneer E&O Product is a new product that will cover you as an Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, or Broker; it will cover you for both live and online auctions; it will cover you for written appraisals of personal property and broker price opinions on real property. It will cover you for activities on your web site and for the loss of personality identifiable information.

Auctioneer’s E&O

A professional liability policy designed to help complete your insurance plan


Auctioneers with a minimum of $100,000 in annual commission revenues are eligible. Targeted risks include full service Auctioneers offering live and online services, personal property appraisals, and real estate auction services

  • Minimum premium of $2,000
  • Minimum retention of $2,500
  • Limits up to $10 Million
  • Claim expense within the limits
  • Punitive and exemplary damages coverage, where insurable
  • Universal coverage territory (worldwide)
  • Claims made and reported in writing form
  • Coverage provided by an A.M. Best-rated A XV insurer
  • Coverage for pre-existing subsidiaries, with more than 50% ownership interest
  • Automatic coverage for new subsidiaries, subject to notice and approval
  • Coverage for specified independent contractors
Optional Extensions
  • Optional privacy extension for privacy notification and crisis management expenses (supplemental limit for up to 5% of the policy limit applies) and for privacy regulatory action-imposed civil fine or penalty
  • Optional security extension for storage of and failure to prevent the theft or loss of private data of individual person’s that resides on the Insured’s laptops, devices or other media containing content
Services Covered
  • Conducting live and online auctions of personal property and real estate
  • Providing personal property appraisals
  • Acting as a real estate agent or broker, when licensed, including providing real estate broker price opinions
  • Activities performed on Insured’s website
Protection For
  • Errors, omissions or negligent acts
Personal Injury and Privacy
  • Defamation, disparagement, libel, slander, infliction of emotional distress, outrage or outrageous conduct, all arising out of content — content includes data, digital code, images, mask works, scents, sounds, tastes, text and textures
  • Any form of invasion, infringement or interference with rights of privacy or publicity
  • Wrongful entry or eviction, trespass or other invasion of the right of private occupancy
  • False arrest, detention, imprisonment, malicious prosecution or mousetrapping
Intellectual Property
  • Infringement of copyright, plagiarism or misappropriation or unauthorized use of ideas under implied contract
  • Infringement or dilution of title, slogan, trademark, trade name, trade dress, service mark or service name
  • Piracy, when it directly relates to copyright or trademark infringement
  • Misuse of an intellectual property right in content, when it results in infringement of copyright, trademark or service mark

Failure to prevent the following during Insured’s Internet or technology network activities in performance of covered services:

  • Denial or disruption of service
  • Unauthorized access
  • Introduction of malicious code (i.e. virus)
  • Identity theft or credit/debit card fraud