“I have been an IT Risk Managers client for almost 15 years now.  When I started my business, I looked for an insurance provider that got what we do.  Nobody wanted to insure us, then I found Larry and his team and have never looked back.  They provide excellent customer service and best of all, they “understand my business”.

Ron K., Bowling Green, KY

“IT Risk Managers is not your normal insurance agency, they are niche players. We are in a hard to write industry and no one wanted to insure us.  Larry and his team have been awesome.  Great customer service and best of all, they get want we do.”

Rich S., Monument, CO

“Never having filed an insurance claim, I did not understand why we could not find reasonably priced insurance for our business.  Then, I met Larry and IT Risk Managers, Inc.   He and his team are very knowledge about our industry and our insurance needs.  Not only did he lower are insurance premiums, but he also make the experience of purchasing insurance easy.  Thanks for what you did for us and for what you do for our industry.”

David F., Williamsville, NY